At TakesaVillage we believe in the African proverb that it takes a village to educate a child. Our mission is to provide a secure virtual platform to carry out this belief. We offer students an opportunity to create and personalize their own virtual village to connect with friends, family, schools, and businesses who are interested in funding their education.

We aid students by offering:

1. Focus: We are focused on providing the best user experience possible. Our website is designed by a current college student who took great care to ensure that her fellow college students would be served well.

2. College funding: The primary goal of our website is to offer students with the resources that they would not be able to afford otherwise.

3. Student Bio: A personal bio providing information about the student which can be visible to all members of that students village.

4. A Village: A network of donors who are connected with the student, and donate to their education.

5. Post-Graduation Updates: After the student has graduated, we offer a way for both the student and donor to remain in touch after the student's graduation.

Takesavillage Team:


Kate Boswell has had decades of experience in the technology industry. She completed her first internship at Microsoft as part of her MBA program at Seattle Pacific University. Kate has been involved in several successful startups including: Spry Mosaic that was later bought by Compuserve/AOL, RealNetworks, drugstore.com, and Kinetic Books that was recently bought by Perfection Learning. She is also the mother of three children.

Development Team:

Software Engineers at Lenora Systems in Redmond.

Graphic Web Designer:

Ambeisa Boswell, a current student at Drexel University studying game art production. Ambeisa is a very creative artist and an accomplished music composer.  In high school, her first handbell composition, "Pink Horizon", was published and is currently available on several websites. She loves art and designed a site that she thought would be appealing to her generation.

Accounting Firm: Craig Mueller:

Craig Mueller is married and has two boys. Craig is a certified public accountant and has owned his own accounting firm for several years in Bellevue, Washington. He helps us with financial work.

Legal Counsel:

Provided by Judson Taylor of Pacific Horizon Legal, P.S.