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I am an out of state Student at the University of Washington Bothell, hailing from Los Angeles California.  My annual student loan tuition for the incoming year (starts September 30, 2016) will be $29,500.  My student loans only cover $20,500.  I anticipate a $9,000 shortfall. I am working very hard to get this amount so that I can devote my efforts to completing my MA degree. In truth, I really don’t like asking people for help, but don’t know what else to do.  My dream is to finish this Master’s degree in Cultural Studies and go on to earn a PhD.   I never expected to make it this far.  Coming from a crack cocaine addicted mother, I wasn’t expected to be anything but a criminal statistic.  But I’m here, now, fighting to finish what I started. Post-graduation, I want to teach Social Science courses to very poor kids; kids often written off as “expected losers” in our culture.  I believe that, with the right amount of love, support and toughness, anyone can make success out of their lives.  Any money you send will go directly to my University and be used exclusively for my tuition amount.   Thank you for at least considering helping.   Noir Soulkin MA Cultural Studies Student (Exp Sumer 2017) University of Washington Bothell My current enrollment status at the University of Washington can be verified by Kate Osmond, our Asst. Director of Admissions at UW Bohell.  Her email address is:     
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