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Hello everyone! My name is Morgan and I attend the Art Institute of Atlanta. I’m going into my fourth semester there and after this semester, I’ll be finishing up my first year attending this college. When I first started college, I took most of my general education classes at a local university in order to pay less over all for my education before transferring to a more expensive college. Every semester, I take my classes on two days, usually from around 9-10 in the morning to anywhere from 2-9 at night. I drive two hours to and from school on the two days I attend and work every other day of the week at my part-time job as a cashier. Since I live in rural Georgia, there’s not much in the way of high paying jobs and I live with my mother, who is a single mother currently raising my two younger siblings (my eldest sister lives on her own at her own college). I help to pay bills and pay for my own gas and extras and to ensure I have enough money to get to school every week, I donate plasma in town two days a week, if I can. My father attempted to save for mine and my eldest sister’s colleges, but being self employed and lower middle class, he wasn’t able to save up much at all while raising us single, so I went into college with nothing. I apply for FAFSA and HOPE yearly, the federal and state financial aid for Georgia, yet each semester, I have to take out full loans along with the Art Grant I receive for my steady attendance and good grades. I have made Dean’s list every semester I’ve gone to the Art Institute and at least Honor Roll when I went to the state college. As of right now, between my gas, bills and other amenities, I’m unable to save up any money and can only buy limited supplies for each semester. Each time I get my check, it’s gone right away to each of the pressing needs of my family, transport and schooling. Luckily, my school supplied a well stocked starter kit for each major at the beginning of the first semester, so I have a few supplies, even if it was tacked onto my tuition. If you could, even donating $5 would help me. At the moment, I’m more than $12k in debt from these few semesters I’ve attended. Being able to cut down on the debt I owe after I graduate would be an enormous weight lifted off my shoulders as I start my life.
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