Cersten Bradley

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I am a recent graduate of Louisiana State University. I was able to graduate with several grants and scholarships based on my GPA, academic achievements and volunteer work. However, they were still not enough to cover the entire cost of my education. I am currently studying to take the MCAT in March 2017 and will be applying for Medical School shortly thereafter. My goal is to become a Reconstructive Surgeon for injured Athletes.  I am also working as a Surgical Technician at a Plastic Surgeons office in Texas in an effort to get as much practice and work experience as I possibly can. Although my career goal is to become a surgeon, I also have a strong passion for Dance and am actually a current member of the 2016 Dallas Cowboys Cheerleading team. I have been a dancer and sports athlete my entire life, which is why I initially chose my profession. I grew up seeing so many of my friends and co-athletes get injured and have to suffer through the pain and rehabilitation process.  Because I have been around sports injuries my entire life and I can relate to their pain, I knew that a reconstructive surgeon was the perfect career choice for me.  
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