How It Works

Below are the steps you need to get your education funded:

  1. Click on the Sign up link and create a username, enter your e-mail and a link will be sent to your e-mail where you can create your password.
  2. Select the Login link and enter the username and password you just created
  3. Now you are ready to ‘Submit your education campaign’: Tell your donors who you are, which school you go to and how much funding you need. Adding your picture and providing a great summary of your major will go a long way in letting your community know what you are up to in college. Select the ‘Save button’ if you are in the process of creating your profile and need to submit it later. When done filling out all the fields; select ‘Publish’ button at the bottom of this page.
  4. Search on your newly created profile and invite your network using all the tools that you already have: Facebook, LinkedIn, e-mail available on your profile page.
  5. Get your education funded:

At Takesavillage, we are committed to making sure that funding that comes into your account goes straight to your institution specified in your profile. There will be a credit card charge. In either situation; you will be informed of the fee.

Takesavillage only takes 4% of the donation. The rest goes directly to your institution and to your education budget. You can track your donation from and confirm receipt from your school student account.

Tell all your college friends about and this is why: Every quarterly profits to takesavilage; a student profile randomly selected will receive a 1000 dollars that will be sent to the school to help pay for their tuition. This amount will go up per quarter depending on profits.